Blossom time…

Sky, clouds, blossom…..the complete set! There’s a real sense of movement as the clouds scud across the sky. The blossom seemingly lifts its offering and promise to the future, in days of fruitfulness.

Holding promise,

bursting forth, the

weaving of light and soil

and life giving water.

Drawing deep, drafts

of air; life giving

and receiving.

Visions of days of


Gathering and transforming,

mirrored in your life

and mine.

Wall and door….

Doors are fascinating, and I came across this one yesterday. It looks a little battered but still performs a function. The outside latch is wonderful, along with the rather rough iron hinges. It appears to have no lock and it seems to be waiting for someone to open it!

The wall adds to the thought process, with the hand made bricks adding to the complexity of a seemingly simple scene. When, how, what, when….the questions keep on coming.

It speaks to me about life; walls built and dismantled or built even higher. Doors firmly locked, waiting for a key, when all that is needed is for the latch to be lifted! We can each of us make and maintain our barriers, be they physical, mental or emotional.

But in the middle of all this we need to be ‘tuned in’ to the still small voice of calm. The whisper on the breeze, the breath of the Holy Spirit in our souls, waiting to respond to the open door, through which we step into a different way of seeing and believing.

Light on….

….Or perhaps not! Built in 1674 on Flamborough Head it was replaced by a new lighthouse in 1806. It was an attempt to warn shipping of the treacherous coastline and the need for caution. It still stands proud, even though it no longer has a purpose.

The key thing was to have a light that could be seen by those who were sailing along the coast, and warn them of the rocks that lay just below surface.

It captivated me , because it spoke of continuity and warning and the power of light in darkness. The modern lighthouse can shine a beam the travels many miles, which warns and comforts and assures. The old light was not very efficient, but it played some part in comforting those who passed by.

The simple statement by Jesus, ‘ I am the light of the world….’ has been used in other blogs. Simply because it resonates so powerfully in our our own heart and soul and spirit, and it is good to be reminded of the power of the words.

Light gives hope in darkness, the lighthouse builders knew that. But Jesus speaks of the inner light of God’s Holy Spirit, there for everyone, even in the storms of life. Not pie in the sky, but hope in the moment, when we need it most…even the most imperceptible flicker.


I took this photograph in a ‘stumpy garden’, situated in some wonderful gardens nearby to where we are staying. There were any number of these carved faces which really caught our attention.

The unexpected experience of coming across these carvings, had us full of questions and imagining. As we moved, the faces morphed into something different, so there was a perspective change which caught us by surprise.

This particular face spoke of peace and wisdom and a wry sense of humour! It got me thinking about how we conceptualise God in our thinking and lives. How we do this can have a profound effect on faith. This figure has an openess and an honesty which for me, goes to the heart of my faith in God.

I have always been aware of God’s movement in my life in constantly unexpected ways. If I get to the point of thinking that I have it all ‘sussed out’ then God surprises me and makes me feel uncomfortable and challenged. What is happening in your life at the moment, that is challenging you to perhaps take the unexpected route? If you can’t answer that, then just smile at the stumpy man, and expect the unexpected!!

Nature’s pallete

I just had to capture this scene whilst we were walking around a garden, open to the public, yesterday. My words seem as though they might get in the way, but I have to say something!

The sense of the power of life, bursting through, activating the growth of the tulips as they rise from the darkness into the light. Revealing the palette chosen and painted by the Creator, for our enjoyment. How blessed we are to be witnesses of the creative process, wherever that might occur. Even through the medium of the photograph we find ourselves drawn in, held, gifted with something that actually renders us speechless, and beyond words.

Thank you for taking your moment to reflect on today’s offering.

Blessings and peace….


Herons, I reckon, are great ponderers! I have no massive catalouge of observation to back up this bold statement, but they do seem to hang around waiting a lot of the time! Perhaps they are gaining backgound for their next novel?! Now you are being stupid, Barrie!!!!

I would say from experience, that pondering is good, generally! I do tend to do a lot of it, as Helen would atest. It may not produce momentous insights, but it takes me on some interesting journeys!

My pondering leads me into diverse places. Where we are staying at the moment, has roads which head towards the sea, but which end in a cliff, dropping into the North Sea!

All I hear is the word TRUST…….and Jesus’ words….’I am the Way…’

Out of time….

The heading speaks of the photograph I took last year. You might have been bemused to see poppies in flower…sorry. Yes they are out of time, but I love the sense of anticipation that this photograph gives me, and hopefully does the same for you!!

It whispers to me about the power of waiting; the ‘not yet, but later’ moment. The bursting through of new life and possibilities. Out of time and out of place but still able to generate a sense of hopefulness in our hearts and souls. A parallel with faith ; the God of suprises, just when all seems difficult and we have a ‘backed into a corner’ moment.

As the Apostle Peter writes in his second letter; …With the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day.

Our perspective is limited, God’s perspective is endless and wide!

Blessings be upon you.


The dawning of the day could be another title for this blog. The photograph was taken last year when I was awake in the early morning!

The lighter clouds look like outstretched arms, offereing a welcome to anyone who has time to stop and reflect. The sound of creation is for me the profound silence at the beginning of the day. I remember just standing and watching for some time. The was not much breeze and the sea was rolling in without any fuss or attention seeking!

The rhythm of light and dark, incoming and outgoing connects with something deep down in our hearts and souls. We need to remember to ‘tune’ in to the heart beat of Creation!


The scene at the bottom of our garden a few days ago. The movement of the sea and the clouds interweaving and creating an ever changing scene. To be honest it is a story in itself; every moment .

It’s a kind of mirror into our own souls. The constant movement of what I call an ‘inner tide’. Moving us here, there and everywhere. We cannot avoid it because it is woven into inner being. What we can do is to acknowledge the presence of this movement and tide.

There are moments in the Gospels where we read of the times when Jesus calmed a physical sea. He took control of a seemimgly hopeless situation and brought peace and tranquilty. We each of us reach moments where there is apparently no obvious way out or through a situation. In the account of the calming of the sea in Mark’s Gospel, Jesus utters these words after his action caused the storm to abate; “Why are you so afraid? Do you still have no faith?”

Even when the action or answer is right in front of us we can find ourselves lost in our own thoughts; looking for answers in the wrong place. Take time today, even if it is only a minute or two, to hear the words of Jesus in your soul. His hand constantly reaches out to us and never grows tired.

The Lord bless you and keep you; now and always.


The word ‘Trust’ has been popping into my consciousness ever since I woke up this morning. I came across a quote, which I think describes how I feel; ‘Faith is trusting in God even when you don’t understand the plan.’

I’ll leave you with it.

Back tomorrow!

Blessings and peace,