Earth, sea and sky, all in one moment, as the shutter opened and the photograph was taken. Held in a split second of thought and composing, and now being observed by you, with a different perspective!

Each of the elements add their own offering to each of us.

They speak to me of rest and contentment. A sense of resting in the arms of the Creator.

My mind races hither and thither as I try to lock onto the scene and still my restless thoughts.

May you find your still point, perhaps even for a moment, in this day that has been given to you.


A hill in Cleveland, going by the name of ‘Roseberry Topping’. Interesting name, which derives from Othenesberg; the old norse for Hill of Odin, with Toppin being the norse for hill. Fascinating…names and how they develop and change over time is intriguing.

But enough of that…it is a wonderful hill! I could end the blog at this point and allow you some time to reflect! But I’ll just carry on for a moment. Names are important because they allow identification. Jesus once said to those following him; ‘rejoice that your names are written in heaven…….’ (Luke 10 verse 20).

That is a truly bold statement, that proclaims the uniqueness of each other in the sight of God. We might try to run and hide at times and feel lost and uncertain, but we are never forgotten by the God of creation.

As you reflect on my words, rest on the assurance we are given, that we each occupy a unique place in the heart of God.

Ending & beginning….

Probably neither an ending or a beginning. Just an endless horizon and the stillness of water. We thrive on boundaries as human beings. It gives us a sense of security, which most of the time is an illusion, which is fine, but it perhaps encourages us to look a little deeper and wider.

We live a transitory existence and as a result we try to build boundaries to keep us safe. The sea and the sky give us a sense of boundlesness. God does not have boundaries as we do; God’s love is infinite. Our existence is held in the arms of God both in this existence and all that lies beyond. Of course we have fears and worries, particularly as the pandemic continues. But instead of constantly worrying and being fearful, why noy take a step towards the one who loves you beyond measure.

The Lord bless you and keep you in the ebb and flow of your life.


A place of rest for Cormorants, seemimgly floating aimlessly in an endless sea. Apart from the grasses rearing their heads in the forground!

How perspectives can change in our own thinking, as we float across our own sea of uncertainty….

In the midst of all that we pass through we need to sense the presence of God, which is unique to each of us. The floating can take us to many places, mentally and spiritually. God is the encompassing Ocean. What seems vast and foreboding is a sign of the endless giving of the Creator to each of us.

The journey can become difficult; holding on requires trust and hope in the call of faith. The still point of meeting in our own souls.

The love of God is with us and surrounds us completely


Held aloft by the movement of the air, and the skill of the kestrel. One of those moments when it would have been very easy to have stayed and watched for a long time!

Every part of its body was moving to catch the imperceptible tides of air that were able to keep it aloft. The ability to see the slight movement in the long grass from such a height was utterly mesmerising, and I stayed with the scene moment by moment.

Eventually the spell was broken and I came back to earth! The encounter spoke to me about God’s Holy Spirit. So easy to forget and/ or ignore, but vital for our moments and our days, as we live, breathe and have our being!

The Kestrel had a view and vision of the world which I can only dream of; each of us part of Creation, and each with a particular place to live and inhabit. Here are some words from John’s Gospel, Chapter 3, verse 8; ‘The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going. So it is with everyone born of the Spirit.

Take a moment each day to allow yourself that openess to the Spirit of God. Be prepared for suprises and opportunities to see differently, and ‘be lifted’ into the love of God.

Blessings and peace be with you.

On a hill…..

Stark and lonely,

this cross on a hill.

Forlorn and aching

for light in the darkness…

hope within fear.

Longing for, hoping for



Died he for me…

amazing love, how can it be,

that thou my God shouldst die

for me….all humanity.

Boundless and deep and wide and high

is the Love of God

for every single one

of us…for ever.


Looking and Seeing

I am a great ‘Loser of things.’! As Helen will testify! She has an uncanny ability to find things that I have ‘lost’! She finds things even in places that I have already looked!

Sorry about all the exclamation marks, but I am utterly dumfounded! There’s another one…. She calls this ‘man looking’! Whatever it is, one has to live with it…seeing but not seeing, if you get my drift.

It says much about how we each see and understand the world as it is. Woven into this is the hand of God; guiding, holding, opening and closing…the list could go on. I love this photograph I took a few days ago. There are lots of elements, each interpreted in different ways by each of us; depending on perspective.

We each look in our own way, depending on our own experiences, and that is wonderful. Perspective can move and change moment by moment. How we relate to God also changes with circumstances and that is the exciting thing about faith. It also challenges us to ‘look’ differently.

So take some momemts to look at this photograph at different times of the day, and try to sense the movement of God’s Spirit in your days and moments.

Nothing is ever lost; it is just waiting to be found. Looking and seeing..it’s the only way to move!


This installation can be found in the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire. It is a very powerful installation with the lone figure, head bowed, reflected in the figure on the right.

It is a place of profound remembrance which I found quite overwhelming. I’ve used the word, ‘illusion’ for today’s blog, beacuse I often have to check my own understanding of reality. Much of what goes on in my head is a mix of hopes and fears which come and go during my day.

The tranqulity of this moment that I captured on camera just makes me stop and still my inner voice, or should I say clamour of noise!

As I moved around the the installation, the scene changed, and thus my own perspective moved and transformed itself. This is a parable of life. Whether we acknowledge this or not, we are all caught up in what I like to call a ‘flow’, which comes from the heart of God. We simply need to allow ourselves a moment to rid our noisy consciousness of all that piles together! To immerse ourselves in the flow of God’s love.

The illusion is the noise; the reality is the absence of noise!

Peace be with you.


Three very wet pigeons on a wire. I love the word, ‘bedraggled’. The beginning and end of my blog for this morning?!

It kind of sums up what we might feel sometimes. That sense of something being ‘done’ to us without any control on our part. When things happen in our lives which cause us to worry and allow fears to rise.

But in the middle of all that happens to us, we become aware of that ‘still point’, even in the difficult time. The whispered word of encouragement which appears from no-where.

Please be assured of my prayers, wherever you find yourself today and over the weekend. Don’t let bedraglement (!) pull you down. The Light of the world is close at hand!