A moment of praise,

of reflection and hope.

All creation speaks

with one voice and one heart.

Held and nurtured by the Creator God.

Light and darkness,

the magnificance of Creation.

Human beings, made in the image of God.

How can this be?

A gift and responsibility,

held in our hearts and souls

for ever.

Nothing is lost; all is held in the

arms of the Creator.

The Lord is my rock….

Rocks are fascinating! The title of this blog comes from the Old Testament, specifically from Psalm 18, verse 2. The photograph was taken looking south from our home. Imperceptibly, as the tide rolls in and out these sandstone outcrops begin to erode and change and become sand on the beach once more.

The Psalmist portrays God as the rock in the middle of everything; the immovable centre. In the twists and turns of our lives, as everything seems to move and change, particularly in this present time, we all have need of a centre point.

Just give yourself a moment to reflect on the words of the Psalmist and let the journey of discovery begin!


I can’t actually identify what this plant is; but the picture was taken on a walk a few days ago. Actually there is no need for identification and categorisation at this precise moment. We can just contemplate the beauty of the flower head, bursting through the striking leaves. I have a sense of creation embracing me, with the assurance of the Creator of all, giving an offering to each of us.

As you read this there may be many things on your mind, some of which might be disturbing you. The answers might be slow in coming, or might never arrive. But the simple act of giving yourself a space to reflect can connect us with our own place in the grand scheme of things. Joining with the endless song of praise that never ends….every moment of every day, and every breath we take.

Light and dark…

Ending and beginning,

light weaving through the darkness.


offering hope,

lifting horizons.

Light dimming at the end

of the day, points us to

the ‘Light of the world’, ..

the one who shines in

the darkness and uncertainty.

Who gives hope in fear,

and new roads to travel.

I hold out my empty hands,

and my sometimes failing spirit.

Honesty rather than window dressing.

Nothing can be hidden in the gentle glow…

the invitation to new possibilities

beyond our imagining……


I couldn’t resist this shot, taken a few days ago. The Irises were bursting forth from their hidden places and the house next to us continues to be rebuilt…spot the scaffolding!!!

There are times for rebuilding in our lives. The Iris speaks of that latent potential within each of us, which with the right moment, moves us into a new perspective. The Easter story of death and resurrection is a powerful image of new possibilities in seemingly unfavourable moments.

The Irises proclaim that life is boundless and suprising and full of new possibilities. One moment the flower head was tightly closed and seemingly lifeless, the next, the growing bud devlops and then ‘breaks out’ into the light and time of promise.

Whatever is happening in your life today, always be prepared for a moment of rebuilding as the possibilities reveal themselves.

Light and shade

The title sums it all up! I happened to be in the right place at the right time. The photograph speaks on many levels, and words seem to be unecessary. There is light and there is shade; a reflection of our own lives, whatever might be happening as we read these words.

Take a moment just to observe the photograph and perhaps write down thoughts and impressions that may pop into your mind. Perhaps look at it later in the day, see if there have been any changes in how you respond.

Let the Spirit of life and truth speak into your moments.

Cup and ring marks

Or could it be a face? Perhaps…you can interpret it as you will! These marks were photographed in Scotland on the Kintyre Peninsula. We will perhaps never know the answer, and there’s part of me that feels quite content with that.

There is much that is mysterious in life, and perhaps living with the tension that this brings is for some too much, and for others is a challenge, and a need to inquire and understand. When it comes down to belief in God, the mystery deepens, and the danger is that human beings try to fathom what is unfathomable, We have to be content at each step, with what we do understand, and not try to push to far, with questions that are not designed for answers. What used to be called easy-believeism.

In other words we try to make things understandable, when we need just to live with the mystery. A little like the cup and ring marks….mysterious, but thought provoking. One person’s understanding is as valid as another’s. Thank God for our diversity!


The earth is the LORD’s, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it.’ The opening words of Psalm 24. This sense of the Creator and sustainer of all that is and has been, and will be. Not a niggled and angry being, who only exists to be annoyed with everything and everyone.

The beauty of the setting Sun at the dimming of the day. All creation held in the arms of the Creator. The responsibility we have to be God’s proxies in looking after what we are given. Knowing the reassurance of the boundless love, that is beyond all we could imagine.

Thanks be to God, now and always.

An invitation…

There is much in life which is puzzling. I took this photograph one afternoon in the garden of the place we were staying. A trick of the light, the camera lens and the composure of the shot, brought together a number of elements. Shadows, the ray of the Sun, the trees and the gate, with the driveway cutting across.

It is a very inviting scene which took on a life of its own once I had taken the shot. Our lives are made up of many elements and sometimes it is difficult to focus. This scene invites us to take a step, follow the call of an invitation, which comes to us as an imperceptible whisper on th breeze; catching our souls and filling us with the Holy Spirit of life and hope and possibility.


The poenies in our garden are not quite in full bloom. so I’ve cheated by showing you an example I photographed last year!

The whole process of growth and revealing, which go hand in hand still fills me with awe. The vibrant colour of the flower makes one stop and observe. A gift, in a moment, for us to enjoy. In the middle of all that unfolds in our individual lives and the wider world, the simplicity of this shower of colour takes my breath away.

The flower attracts pollinators and the whole cycle continues. I have had moments in my life when I’ve found myself uncertain and not seeing beyond the moment. In these times I have become aware of a deeper presence in my heart and soul. A little like the bud, growing and developing, until the time of flowering.

There will no doubt be times like this in your own life; perhaps it may well be happening as you read this. Be assured that God is with you, in the growing and the flowering and ultimately in the bearing of fruit.

I pray that you will know the vibrancy of the creative spirit of God in you own life.

Peace and blessings be with you.