The view!

Well it is everything isn’t it! Goat Fell on the Isle of Arran. Photographed from the back garden of our holiday cottage, this afternoon.

Some words of Isaiah about mountains which always gets me thinking…‘.Though the mountains be shaken and the hills be removed, yet my unfailing love for you will not be shaken nor my covenant of peace be removed,” says the Lord, who has compassion on you….me, everyone.

Guaranteed, given from the depth of God’s love into your heart and mine. No strings, no ifs, ands or buts. A guarantee with no clauses or hoops to jump through. As solid as the rocks that bind the mountain together.

The ‘view’ is for you to observe and make your own conclusion. The love of God knows no bounds, solid and real and offered to all. I belive this with my heart and soul and being!!

The light bow….

This photograph I took a few days ago as the setting sun illuminated Coquet Island and created a wonderful rainbow.

The bow of light just speaks of promise and hope over fear.

Whatever you are dealing with in your own life today be assured that the light bow is the sign of God’s promise to each of us; we/you are precious beyong reckoning!!!

Peace be with you.


I took this shot a few days ago as the sun was setting. I’ve called it ‘Unexpected’ because it turned out differently to what I had imagined when I pressed the shutter.

The shaft of light from the setting sun seems to part the marram grass and the setting sun illuminates this unexpected moment. The tufts of marram grass on the right hand horizon blend in with the rooftops of the houses.

It simpy speaks of everything being ‘held together’ in the hands of our Creator, including each of us, every moment of every day.

Spot the butterflies!

I took this photograph a couple of days ago, just at the bottom of the garden. The butterflies were savouring the nectar from the flowers, in near perfect weather. There were so many, and constant coming and going, that it was difficult to keep a tally.

If butterflies can feel or express joy then they were truly embracing the moment! It just got me thinking about the overflowing creativeness of the God of life and how we all need to stop and take a reflective moment of thankfulness.

Blessings and peace be with you.

Drawn in….

As I meditated on this photograph I took a few months ago, I found myself being drawn in by the light and shade and sunbeams.

It speaks to me about my own days and moments. Sometimes having time to stop and observe, other times in too much of a hurry to notice anything. Our spiritual life is our connecting point with God, and it often suprises us, because most of the time we are focussed on other things.

The light, shade and darkness in this photograph speaks powerfully to our own inner longing to draw closer to God. To be absolutely frank, I don’t give myself the time to sit and reflect. There is always distraction which draws us away from those ‘connecting moments’ with God.

So, do give yourself ‘a moment’, and allow yourself to be drawn in, even for a short space. It may change your day!

Ship, sea, buoy, rocks…..

Just an everyday occurence. Easy to be taken for granted. But actually a moment in time that got me thinking about existence.

Life is a precious thing and we can’t hold on to it. It is given to each of us by the Creator and that is a very profound gift which is offered freely.

The everyday is actually extraordinary and I hope that today you will have a moment to see and feel and hear and touch this gift.


‘Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love, for I have put my trust in you.’ Psalm 143, verse 8.

Photograph taken early morning as the sun rose over Coquet Island; the lighthouse is just discernable.

Take a moment to refect on the photograph and write down anything, a word, phrase, or sense, which is uppermost in your thoughts. During the day, turn the word or phrase or sense over in your thoughts and make a note of what speaks the most. In my experience, it is by this process that we begin to shift ourselves into the love of God.

We can, like the Psalmist, ‘Let the morning bring word of your (God’s) unfailing love…’ Every moment of each and every day.

Blessings and peace be with you….

Vapour trail

The ending of the day and the trail from a jet flying high from east to west.

The light catching the vapour trail which breaks up in the movement of air.

Those immortal words of Jesus, proclaiming that he is ‘the light of the world’. Even darkness cannot change the power of light.

This photograph just speaks of endings and beginnings and new possibilities. Wherever you are you are never beyond the ‘light of the world.’…..the darkness has never put it out….


‘This is to my Father’s glory, that you bear much fruit, showing yourselves to be my disciples.’ The words of Jesus to his disciples and us!

Much of what Jesus said was borne out of what he saw and how he interpreted what was around him. He took the simple, everyday and mundane, to shine a light on our lives and walk with God.

Too often I complicate my faith and make it unaccessible even to myself! Jesus simply states that how we are, with our hopes and fears and failings is a good starting point. How I am, how you are, can change not just my life, but others too.

Take an odd moment each day, just to think through these words of Jesus to you.

A murmuration…

I took this photograph a couple of weeks ago. A gathering of starlings on our roof, enjoying the warm sunshine! A murmuration! What a wonderful name; it rolls around my consciousness and makes me smile.

With all that has and is going on in our lives in these days this just captivated me, and I stood and watched for a little while, with all the coming and going. Even the rather intense song had me smiling. Their own tune, done in their own way!

We are each unique in our own way and this moment will stay in my thoughts for a long time. There was a carefree ‘joie de vivre’ about the whole moment. It has made me reflect on my own walk with God. I need to relax a little more and root myself in the moment to be enjoyed and offered. The Starlings have it sussed out…how much more does the Creator want us to bathe in the light of his presence. In simple moments, not complicated prayers.

Blessings and peace be with you.