……but not alone! A simple chapel on the Kintyre Peninsula, and a Celtic cross. Framed by the waters of a loch, which embraces the movement of the sea.

Breathing in the air of the Saints, who once dwelt here, took my breath away. My heart gave thanks to God, in a moment of spontaneity and hope.

Breathing into solitude, but surrounded by angels, dancing in thankfulness. Nothing lost in the heart of our Creator.

Let your own thoughts drift and intertwine and be thankful.

Rest in peace

As I write these words a few days after the death of Queen Elizabeth the Second, my mind is full of all kinds of thoughts. The stillness of the sea, taken a few days ago, as the sun dropped below the horizon.

The thoughts and prayers of millions of people, joined together in one focus, one prayer. So many thoughts and words and hopes.

A unique human being with a profound faith in the God of Love.

The Lord bless you and keep you, and make his face to shine upon you, now and forever.

Thank you, your majesty.

Time and tide wait for no-one…..

A photograph taken a couple or weeks ago in the tower of St Lawrence, Walkworth. The original clock mechanism from 1700. Now replaced by a more modern mechanism. The way of life!!!

The quote has been attributed to many worthies from history. But nothing definite. It actually doesn’t matter in my world! The clock was captivating in it’s own unique way.

God waits for each of us, within and without the realms of time. The all seeing and all loving Creator of all .

I like to think that we are all part of the mechanism of a clock…..maintained by the Creator God. Each with purpose and insight, given to each of us by the Almighty.

Peace be upon you.

Endings and Beginnings…

….The vanishing point, beyond the horizon.

Our faith, both strong and weak. Where are you at this point in your walk of faith? Mine moves constantly, to be perfectly honest. Plenty of endings and beginnings , Light and darkness. Hope and fear.

Jesus Christ with us, is the simple statement for this moment.. With us always. The women rushing to the tomb at the beginning of the third day after Jesus’ death. The angel greeting them; ‘He (Jesus) is not here, He is risen’. It all started there, here, in our lives. Every moment of your life and mine….and beyond.


Psalm 34 verse 8….’ Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him’. Mountains in Kerry, on the west coast of Scotland. God’s glory in the whole of creation .

As we stood and took in the view, we were speechless, because words seemed inadequate. ‘Taste and see…’ says the Psalmist. Enjoy the place and the moment. Stop and take it in. Don’t move, just observe, both inward and outward.

Write down what you sense and feel and hope …… let your hopes and fears rest before the God of Love.

If you can’t verbalise anything, just take refuge in the God of love, in this moment of connection. You are not lost, but found…..Praise God!

Sense this time and moment.

Waiting and longing….

A place of saints and solitude and longing. At the end of the Kintyre peninsula on the west coast of Scotland.

A photograph cannot capture what one feels in a place like this. Words are not enough. It speaks in its own unique way.

A connection between earth and heaven. Our own longing and hoping and praying in these strange times we live through. Just like the saints who trod this special place, connecting heaven and earth.

Let the photograph speak to you as you offer God your own hopes and fears.

Making your mark…

See if you can spot what are called ‘cup and ring’ markings, created 20,000 years at the end of the last Ice age, on the Kintyre peninsula in the West of Scotland.

These ‘cup and ring’ marks were made by humans, who followed the end of the Ice Age. Throughout human history there has been a constant interplay between belief and understanding of our place in the world.

We could head into territory about belief and understanding, and the answers would be very diverse. We have the record of a saying of Jesus from 2000 years ago, when he was talking about who he was. In John’s Gospel, he simply says, ‘I and the Father are one.’…in a moment when crowds were demanding some answers from him.

Does Jesus solve the problem, or does he simply make it more difficult to understand? You will have your own reflections and ideas. But the answer is entirely yours and unique to you.

Those early engravings capture our attention because they allow us to make a connection with our ancestors. Jesus is very clear when he reminds us that the Father and Son are one. How that works out in our faith journey is the exciting part

….shephers delight

Red sky at night….all kinds of things happen11, shepherd’s delight. as a starter! Good enough for a proverb. The sign of a period of good weather. A gift of wisdom through observation.

Setting and rising and light, all woven together, to give an optimistic gloss on the reality of weather.

This setting sun sparked my attention a couple of days ago. Expansion and light and hope and promise, and the wrapping round of the arms of the Creator God.

In the middle of all we face, let the simplicity of this photograph speak into your heart and soul.

The Lord is my rock….

Words written by the Psalmist, and to be found in Psalm 18, verse 2. Photograph taken a couple of months ago.

Here are the other words that go with it; ‘The LORD is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer; my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge, my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold..

Sometimes we can feel a long way from the comfort of these words, and in other moments we embrace them with thankfulness..

Where is your focus as you read this? Do you dare take a step of faith and reach out to the One whose love for you knows no bounds, even in moments of fear and uncertainty.

The writer of this psalm was unequivocal in their trust in God, despite all that was whirling around him.

The Lord give you strength in moments of uncertainty and the peace of God’s Spirit in your days and and in your questions!

The Lord bless you in your point of refuge!