3 thoughts on “Easter Day Reflection

  1. I think that Heaven is all around us and this is why God’s grace can enter into us. When we die it’s through God’s grace that He accepts our spirit into his care through the sacrifice of his Son, Jesus Christ, who carries the sin of the world. In the same way as others, before Christ, have entered God’s kingdom, Moses, Abraham, Joseph I would have thought. Our bodies are just evidence that we existed, sometimes marked (grave, cremation jar or memorial stone) and sometimes not. This has to be the case that the Holy Spirit entered Mary and it was by God’s grace that she gave birth to a baby all those years ago. Difficult stuff I know. I try to keep my belief simple. I am a sinner, God sent his only Son to save me through his death on the cross, he was resurrected on the third day because he had to appear in the flesh as evidence to his disciples, so the word of God would be spread throughout the world. I hope to enter God’s kingdom when I die. I hope that my comment is logical if not accurate in its thought process. Thank you Barrie for taking the time to do your blog.


    1. Hi Nick, apologies for not getting back to you sooner. Thanks for your own reflection which gave me a real insight into your own journey. The key part for me, in what you express about your own journey, is when you write…’God sent his only Son to save me’…the power and inclusiveness of God’s love for all creation and humanity. Thank you for your response; may the conversation carry on…see my latest post! Blessings and peace, Barrie.


  2. When I said ‘me’ I meant that God knows that I love His Son who is my friend and I fully accept that his unconditional love is universal across all creation. When you feel a moment when God reaches out to you it is at that moment that you believe.


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