Something Understood?

Forgive the lack of a post today…but here’s something late on! My best friend has just taken up icon painting and very generously gave me this icon of St Basil….of whom more tomorrow!

I placed a statue of Buddha in fromt of St Basil, as a reminder of the diverse and very precious world we are part of. I had a Buddhist colleague working within the chaplaincy team in HMP Durham. Brother Finan is a very special person and we had many conversations about faith.

Simply, I thank God for you, for all, for always

2 thoughts on “Something Understood?

  1. Perhaps St Basil was a Buddhist philosophically, or perhaps an existentialist Christian… perhaps I haven’t a clue what I’m taking about, ( nothing understood) however I like your take on our theological world… Christian , Buddhist, Jew, etc I guess we all want others to love us as we want to love ourselves Peace🖖( could be a dove!) Sent from my iPhone



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