Crossing Point

I’m not immediately sure why I’ve chosen this photograph. It was taken last summer whilst we were visiting friends in North Wales. But here it is.

There are lots of elements in the scene; light, shade, moving water; fallen tree. If we give ourselves a space, we will experience our own interpretation. Just try it for yourself, it may just be a feeling or a word or a sense. Whatever pops into your head, hold it for a moment; write it down.

I have to say, I’m pretty bad at doing this, so there’s my confession! But persevere, if only for the sake of this blog! As I look at this scene again it reassures me. Nothing big, just some words from Jeremiah in the Old Testament…’Blessed is the one who trusts in the Lord…He/She is like a tree planted by water, that does not fear when heat comes.’ Profound. Even the dead tree becomes a bridge…..a sense of hope and something beyond this moment

I want to end here because too many words can get in the way. Give yourself a space sometime today to reflect on the photgraph.

6 thoughts on “Crossing Point

  1. Even a dead tree can become a bridge! Nothing absolutely nothing need be wasted… sometimes I look back over my years and think so much has been wasted… thanks Barrie, maybe nothing was wasted Great blessings on your head 🖖the dove

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  2. I have really enjoyed reading your blog, Barrie, usually in the morning over a cup of coffee. Provided for some good contemplation throughout the day! Blessings to you and Helen. xx


  3. What instantly came into my head was ‘As pants the hart for cooling streams, when heated in the chase. So longs my soul, O God for Thee and Thy refreshing grace. No idea why that popped into my head other than pulling back a very fond memory of the Reverend Ian MacFarlane CofS (Army Chaplain) who was based in Dusseldorf and he travelled to our barracks one a month to take the service in the Chapel that you may recall we had made out of an vacant barrack room upstairs in our Unit Training Room.


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