I think the word, ‘Thanks’ is the most powerful in the English language. It can change a moment; transforn a relationship; break down barriers…..the list is endless!

I just want to thank you for taking time to read my musings; it is a blessing to me that you do. Sorry that sounds very self referential! Because it is!

This photgraph of the risen Christ was taken last year outside a church in the Gower Peninsula. Shamefully I can’t remember where. It speaks in it’s own unique way, and I don’t want to spoil the moment with words.

These days which we pass through challenge each of us in different ways. Thankfullness in the middle of tragedy and loss, seems crass. But the banging of pans and clapping once a week, on Thursday evening, in this country (and others) reminds us of the balance we need… the compassion of all kinds of people; self giving.

The carving reminds us that even the creator and sustainer of the universe, understands separation and loss and self giving.


2 thoughts on “Thanks

  1. Thanks for all these, Barrie. It is good to have something to read that is thoughtful and well written. John is reading them on the laptop when he is not reading Ian Knox’s book! Stay well both of you. xx


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