Light and darkness….hope and fear. Balance is the thing, but hard to reach sometimes. In my years working as a Chaplain in Prisons I had my fair share of trying to maintain balance, in the midst of fear, and the desire for hope, personally and for others.

At times I was drained of hope and all that happened was tears. I was often profoundly aware of those simple words in John’s Gospel, when Jesus had heard of the death of his friend, Lazarus; ‘Jesus wept’. The Son of God, crying out of loss for a dear friend. Jesus eventually raised Lazarus back to life, but stay with that very human moment of helplessness. We each have our own story which we offer to God.

In that very act of offering we may hear silence. Don’t fear…listen, for that still small voice of calm…imperceptible, but able to be sensed, even if we are in turmoil.

Bless you.

2 thoughts on “Hope

  1. Like it you make a lot of ordinary good sound sense… love the photo…
    Interesting thought for me was .. the grey allows the black & white a place because there is an imperceptible graduation
    As you say the balance is important
    You a good man


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