Being a native of the Wirral, a peninsula, sitting across the River Mersey from Liverpool, tunnels are important! There is the Mersey Railway Tunnel, opened in 1886, and two road tunnels; The Queensway, opened in 1934 and the Kingway opened in 1971. So, there’s some trivia for a rainy day!

This photograph is simply capturing a tunnel created naturally out of overhanging branches, woven together quite by chance. Helen encouraged me to take it, because of the play of light and darkness.

Scenes like this resonate with us on all kinds of levels. Light in darkness, hope in the midst of fear, the still small voice calling imperceptively into our consciousness.

You have your own unique struggles, and I offer my prayers for you. Quite simply we are not left alone, in anything we are going through at the moment. Very early in my journey of faith I was about to drift off into sleep and I found myself in a dark tunnel. Feeling massively fearful and anxious I could sense panic rising. At the moment of despair I saw an illuminated figure extending an outstreched arm and beconing me. Intuitively I knew it was Jesus Christ, saying nothing, but beckoning me to follow.

I’ve had massive ups and downs in life since then, but the beckoning never ends and the following carries on.

Bless you

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