The Moment

‘Give me a moment’. A simple phrase with profound consequences. I guess we all utter the phrase sometime during the week; subliminally to ourselves, or to another.

It’s about having ‘space’, however you wish to define that. ‘Living in the moment’ is a phrase we might use. I am really poor at doing what seems like a simple thing, so I miss the moments that are given.

But there is a sense that time is given to us to have those moments. We have time on our hands in this present moment, so perhaps we can try to ‘be’ rather than to ‘do’. I’m sounding a little pretentious, even to myself, so to put it simply, it’s about connecting with something deeper than the usual chatter that resounds around our minds!

There is constant chatter in our minds and it drowns the stillness. There’s that well known but beautiful phrase from Psalm 46, verse 10; ‘Be still and know that I am God.’

So today, let’s give ourselves a moment and let’s hear something in the stillmess of the moment.

One thought on “The Moment

  1. My dear how interesting, especially the ‘living in the moment ‘ I find for the first time not having to try to live in the now, no need for mindfulness ( although I now enjoy that) but the now is the only option open to me, yesterday seems like it almost never was, tomorrow seems too far away to hope for. I am just surprised at this moment, I’m even surprised that I’m typing this… I’ll be even more surprised if I send it… all will be well, all will be well ….. Take care my fine old friend 🖖

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