Grey & Yellow

I saw this the other day and took the photograph to use in a blog post. So here it is. What your interpretation is of this scene, will be probably quite different to mine. I should just leave you to your own reflection.

But here are some of my thoughts. There is the juxtaposition of the yellow rape flower with the foreboding grey of the storm clouds. Hope and menace. A visual representation of the days we live in and through. The apostle Paul wasn’t noted for snappy writing, but he wrote something in a letter to a group of believers in Corinth, which reads like this; ‘now these three remain, faith, hope and love, but the greatest of these is love. Done. Finito. There it is.

Three elements for living well, however that happens for you and I. Guide posts on our journey, wherever it leads. Somehow we have to work out the balance between these three, with love being the hinge point. That almost seems too big an ask. When all around us we find uncertainty, isn’t this all just ‘pie in the sky’? Wishful thinking? Probably! But we don’t stop there do we? Give up?

Faith and hope undergird love, they exist as a whole. Each needs the others and we need balance in our lives in these difficult times.

I cannot rustle up answers for my own questioning, never mind anyone else’s. But I pray for you in this moment. Our connection is the humanity we share. The assurance of the unending love of God for all, in the sometimes chaotic mix of our lives.

I think I’ve given myself more questions than answers, but that is the way life is. Faith, hope and love…..allow those words to permeate your thinking, even in the moments of uncertainty.

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