Rock of Ages

You will no doubt know the hymn , ‘Rock of Ages’. It’s a classic! I reckon it appeals to the geologist in me! I simply mention this because Helen and I came across an amazing range of rock formations on a hill in the Danby Forest in North Yorshire. The evidence is before you!

It was a fairly bleak day and a long walk to get to the top of the hill, crowned with these crazy remnants of the power of eroding ice, from the last Ice Age. It was cold too, as Helen’s attire witnesses!

I remember hearing the hymn playing in my head as I observed the scene on cresting the ridge. Here are the opening words; ‘Rock of ages cleft for me, let me hide myself in thee……’ ,Written in the mid 18th century, by the delightfully named, Augustus Montague Toplady!

Just let those opening words resound in your consciousness for a space. Savour the words, let them speak into your situation as you read. You’ll find that if you try doing this at different times of the day, you will sense and feel different emotions or images. Anything that pops into your consciousness, write it down, or draw a simple image even if it seems ridiculous!

If you get a moment over the days ahead, try and turn your scribblings into your own offering to God, or as a reflection on how you are feeling in the moment you write. Don’t be afraid of words…let them speak from you and for you.

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