I took this photograph at the height of the storm, yesterday afternoon. The whole moment rendered me speechless. It just spoke to me of power and chaos and creation and my insignificance. An energising moment holding together a multitude of feelings.

I can hear the roar of the tumbling, racing sea, in my head even as I write this! The great thing is, that you will have your own feelings and thoughts, from your unique perspective. Which sums up life for all of us; perspective. Unique to us. Observing moments from our perspective, and offering them as a prayer, for ourselves, others and the world.

This may appear a completely random jump in my thinking, but I’d like to zip across to the prophet Isaiah in the Old Testament, because I need to!! To be precise, it’s Chapter 53 and verse 5; the end thereof…here it is..’…by his wounds we are healed’. This is a massive challenge because it makes it plain that the individual in focus, is God, in the shape of the wounded servant; Jesus Christ. We don’t like simplicity; religion likes to make things complex,

The rage of the sea, the seemimg randomness of life ( and death) mixes us up, like a load of washing on a fast spin!! Fear is normal, but in the middle of that moment we can be assured of God’s profound understanding of what we are going through and experiencing. My experience is that fear is not taken away it is given a new perspective.

The boiling of the sea, the seeming chaos, reflects in our own psyche; it’s good to search for the still, small voice of calm. It’s there, believe me!

Peace be with you and all who you honour and remember.

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