Something Understood

Everything has its time. I’m sure no one could disagree with this statement. The author of Ecclesiastes in the Old Testament, adds this; ‘For everything has a season, a time for every activity under heaven.’

Life is about trying to understand, and sometimes we overcomplicate things, when simple questions and answers might suffice. The title of this blog has echoes in the BBC4 religious programme, Something Understood, which was axed after 23 years of broadcast in 2018. A great title, which echoes our own inner quest for meaning

We are naturally inquisitive as human beings and from an early age we want to know and understand. Perhaps we never really reach a conclusion, and to be honest, that suits me. Something understood in this moment, might change through circumstances, at another point in our lives. Certainty is a fickle master and faith is a many splendoured thing!

The photgraph was taken during a visit to Hauxley Nature Reserve, last year. The word that comes to mind is, passing. Time was passing as I took the photograph. The light passing though th grasses, speaking of latent hope for the future in the seedheads.

You and I passing through our existence, in this moment. Taking care to live in the moment, which moves on all too quickly.

May you know the blessing of ‘Something Understood’.

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