Photograph taken by my good self whilst walking through a woodland last year! I’ve no idea what I want to say at this precise moment, but I’m sure I’ll think of something!

There is definately a face to be seen in this lonely fungus, and it appears to be smiling ruefully. The face seems to have a shock of golden, combed over hair and a rather bulbous nose. You will make your own judgement and observations. There will be as many interpretations as there are people who read this!

How we percieve, understand, interpret is unique to us; the diversity of humanity is a very splendid thing. In these time through which we live, in the uncertainty and constant chatter, we each try to make sense. Our own uniquemess means we react in very different ways. This is good!

For me, the creative impulse in you and I echoes God’s creativeness in bringing into reality the physical and spiritual world which we are part of. When our minds are stuffed full of anxiety and fear and longing, alongside hope and faith and vision, we learn to deal with the uniqueness of that tension every moment of every day. We are not islands (or a lonely fungus!), much as though for some of you reading this, it may be what you feel sometimes. Created in the image and likeness of God seems too much, but there it is. The quirkiness of each of us, the curious nature of the world we inhabit and the wider universe. Held in the hands of the Creator…everything.

Curious, puzzling, annoying, unsettling…you bet!

Blessings & Peace as always.

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