I’ve read books on contemplation, some good, some not so. It’s an industry in itself across the religious divides. My problem is, when I try to contemplate! I have a grasshopper brain that can’t settle.

This writing each day is cathartic, because it allows me to be honest with myself and with you, the reader. I’ve struggled with contemplation, beacuse I over think the whole thing and have too many expectations as to how it will work.

But there was something about this photograph that I took the other day, which made me think about contemplation across the wider created world. I’d like to think that the bird was ‘having a moment’. Perhaps it was contemplating in it’s own way, or wondering what on earth I was doing?! Who knows?

The Psalms are always a rich source of wisodom and insight and I just want to remind you of the opening words of Psalm 19; The heavens declare the glory of God, the skies proclaim the wonder of His hands. Day after day they pour forth speech, night after night they display knowledge.’ There it is, but I have to confess, I think a lot of the time I miss these moments. But the other day, there was a moment as I took the photograph. A moment in time that will not occur again. That is both humbling and energising.

So I’ve talked myself into an imperceptible bit of contemplation!! The Psalmist gives us massive emcouragement to look, hear and sense…‘Day after day, they pour forth speech, night after night they dispaly knowledge,’ Hear, see and sense. Even birds contemplate!

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