Iris Time!

It’s opening!!!!…The first Iris in the garden to burst out of its straightjacket!

Sorry for that outburst, it’s just that we’ve been waiting for so long.

Got me thinking about that word, waiting. This time we are in now, is full of things being put on hold, things imperceptibly changing and moving; both in the world as a whole and our own individual lives. Trying to make sense of this can perhaps make connections with the flower, waiting and at the right moment, breaking out into a new way of being.

Fear and hope go hand in hand. How we balance these two is unique to each of us. Plugging in to fear can be debilitating, embracing hope can change our perspective. God is the great ‘dropper of hints’ in the ordinary everyday moments of life. Those moments of insight and understanding; perspective moving.

Today I’m focussing on the Iris in our garden. It has much to tell me I’m sure!

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