Wake up

This photograph was taken this morning at 3.30 am; just as the sun was beginning to rise in the east.

It was a very tranquil moment and I just had to capture this moment in time. The phrase, ‘wake up’ seemed apposite, because it describes not just physical waking up, but also whispers to us about something beyond the obvious, physical world.

The breeze at this time of the day was very gentle, and just for a short time, I felt an immense calm. Then the clamour in my head broke through! It has its place, but often chooses the wrong moment!

Stilling the inner clamour is not easy.Looking at this photograph now, as I think about the day ahead, the stillnes of the early morning moment seems a long time ago. My mind is full of ‘stuff’ to be doing. I ask myself, is it ‘the doing’ that is the important thing, or being ‘present’ to the moment, when the whisper of God may be calling me? Both are important, but I’m poor at getting the balance; confession time!

As I stood outside, this morning, I had a simple connection to what was unfolding in my senses, and for a moment I was lost in what I was sensing and feeling. Given time, not taken time. God with me, and of course, with you .

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