I’m going to run with the title I’ve given to today’s musing. Even though I’m not certain why I’ve used it! All will unfold, as my thinking kicks into gear as I write…hoprefully.

There’s something about boundaries and protection and defence and mystery. The scene was photographed last evening, looking down the river towards the village of Warkworth, and the Castle on a high knoll.

This place has seen it’s fair share of war and peace, defence and attack, hope and fear. Here it is now, a ruin, a testament to the healing of time. A place of tranquility and mystery.

I have to confess that mystery is a great motivator for me. I think it is because it constantly challenges us to think ‘outside the box’, not accepting things as they are. This is not easy, but I am a great believer that God meets us in the unpredictable moments. We like, of course the predictable, but my expereince, throughout my life is that the unpredictable is the motivator for change in me. I hope that this resonates in some way with your own experience,

These days we live in bring us face to face with mystery and unpredictabilty; which is woven into the fabric of time and space, by the Creator.

I know why I’ve used the title, having gone through the process of writing today’s blog, how does it speak to you?

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