Can you spot the dolphin in this photograph? You have a choice between an orange marker buoy and the dolphin breaking the surface!

It’s always a suprise to see these wonderful creatures, as they make their own way through their own world. Understanding what we don’t, seeing with different eyes, relating to their Creator in their own unique way. I always smile as I reflect on my limited view of the created world, which is endlessly challenging us to be suprised and to think differently.

The Creator and sustainer of all that is, seemingly loves a suprise or two, with which to challenge the human pasrt of creation. Today we celebrate Pentecost; the moment when God’s Holy Spirit inspired a whole rag tag group of Jesus’ disciples to speak in languages they hadn’t learned, about the depth and breadth of God’s limitless love for all Creation.

It was a suprise for the disciples and perplexing to those who looked on. But a moment that revealed the profligacy of the Creator and sustainer of the universe. Seemingly, God wasn’t fussy about who got caught up in the moment! The Apostle Peter had to stand up and tell all those who had gathered that he and the other disciples weren’t drunk and letting the drink talk!!! A wonderful moment, when the power of the suprising moment takes us outside of our comfort zone

Allow yoourself to be surprised by the Creator, this very day!

A poem;

Fired up,

shaken up, or down.

Hearing the sound,

of the ever changing Spirit.

Breathing peace, offering


from the heart

of the Creator.

The supriser and dropper

of hints and hunches

into our moments and


4 thoughts on “Suprise!

  1. There are so many times when we can’t see the wood for the trees but I can see both the buoy and the dolphin in the picture. On last night’s Countryfile, we watched John Noakes out in the deepest part of the North Sea 18; miles off the Northumberland coast as a huge pod of white-nosed dolphins played around the boat he was on. We are blessed to be living in this part of the world. We are starved of God’s love for us when we cannot worship together and share in communion with others. However, we can see and feel his love for us when we look at his creation within our own ‘cloistered’ world. At this point we start to see the wood for the trees. It is good to see old repeats such as John Noakes and the dolphins which was taken several years ago. We were worried by the effect of recent high winds on the survival of a nest of 4 blackbird’s eggs complete with mum blackbird sitting on them as they struggled to keep the nest secure. When I watched them from my greenhouse I think I prayed for their survival. The winds have died down, the blackbird’s nest and its contents have survived. We wait now for the arrival of four tiny blackbird chicks with hope and prayers.


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