Yes, I probably have taken leave of my senses! I photographed this little chap yesterday, as he was sunbathing. We named him Bertram,or what ever the female equivalent might be! Need I say more…but I will!

He just seemed to be enjoying the moment and was completely unphased by my intrusion into his siesta. All will be well, resounded in my head. Lots of things coming together in this one moment. She/he was looking at me and I at her/him. We held each other’s gaze for some time, I just couldn’t turn away. A connection; both on the same planet, energised by the Sun. Part of Creation; observing each other. Living, breating beings held in the moment.


the lizard.

Watching and waiting, observing.

knowing, far too much.


perspective shifting.


flesh and blood,

resting and observing.


the Creator of life,


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