Knowing too much..

Another animal photgraph, to hang my thoughts on! I’m not going to name the seagull, I think I’ll leave it to you!

The one thing that strikes me, is that this animal seems to know too much, and why not, I ask myself?! I have my own unique take on my part of the creation, you have yours; diversity is hard-wired into the natural world.

We, as human beings are given a mandate by the Creator to look after the earth; our home. Something given, as a gift, to be cherished and nurtured. We will all have our own thoughts on how we have done as a species. At the moment we struggle with the pandemic and its effect and consequence in all our thinking and lives.

The seagull lives in the same world, but with a different perspective and outlook. We have no way of knowing, but it is a live, sentient being and as much a part of God’s creation as we are. Jesus, in Matthew’s gospel, Chapter 6, talks at length about how humans worry, with a subtext of, look at creation, and learn, everyone! Change your mind-set; your comfortable place!

Try to look and see differently. Prerhaps not with the eyes of a seagull, but with an odd moment of contentment; a breathing space, from all the clutter and banging that resounds in your thought life.

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