I missed a very special moment yesterday. My 50th post! When I set out nearly two months ago, I genuinely never thought about how it would develop and work out. Thank you so much to all of you, for being part of this. Your encouragement and comments have been a blessing,

The photgraph shows a sunset moment I captured a couple of nights ago, as I stood in our garden. I’ve used the word, ‘Interweaving’, because of the way the clouds have arranged themselves, as the sun set in the western sky. Their interweaving looks a little chaotic; but the chaos seems to accentuate the gentle resting of the sun. All kinds of things are going on, just as we experience in our own lives.

Our lives are made up of many strands, woven together, sometimes broken, sometimes healing,,.sometimes perplexing, oftentimes a mystery, but a sacred mystery; our own story.

There’s a very prfound interweaving as we try to connect with God; however this is for us. The interweaving of God; Father, Son and Holy Sprit, is not meant to be something too complex for us to understand. It is simply a relationship, which we are invited to be drawn into, whoever we are.

Take a step,

just one will do!

From here to there,

there to some where.

Uncertain, filled with doubt.

Interweaving creator,

draw me on.

Still small voice,

neurons in my brain,

clamour for my



Hear the silence,

and the still, small voice.

3 thoughts on “Interweaving

  1. Really liked this one … congratulations on your 50th … πŸ₯³ 🍾 🎊 πŸŽ‰

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