To Infinity and beyond!

I can’t claim to have photographed this image of the Crab Nebula! The remants of a star, which was recorded exploding in historical time (1054) by Chinese and Japanese astronomers. The whole thing is six light years across and continues to expand!

Brain freeze! How to comprehend such a thing; it leaves me speechless with wonder. What about your reaction? Here’s mine;

To infinity and beyond,

but empty, and full

of stars and planets and

wondrous visions from

the mind of the Maker.

Thankfulness and humility resound

in my thought space, my own

universe for a brief moment.

A place where I can meet

the creator and curator and sustainer;

guardian and juggler of it all,

held with creative love, from moment

to moment.

This space, which I inhabit, and live and breathe

and have my being……

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