The Praising Tree

500 year old oak tree, in the grounds of Dunham Massey Hall in Cheshire. A special place, close to the parish where I was a curate. The photograph was taken last summer. Who could have predicted all that would unfold in the following year.

Still, it opens wide its arms to embrace and offer hope and dare I say, its own wisdom, drawn from it’s life for over 500 years. It is alive and aware as a special part of creation, throwing off new shoots, and shouting…’Here I am!’

I call it the ‘Praising Tree’ as it throws out its metaphorical arms to the Creator, in the sheer joy of living and being.

So here’s a poem;

Arms held aloft,

praising life and

pointing beyond.

Praising the maker and

fashioner of its ancient boughs.

Silent witness

to the creative force..

life, in all its fulness.

Knowing the truth of the one

who came to bring life,

the Creator’s Son.

With whom he is well pleased.

Drawing us to ponder

the praising tree…..

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