For days now we have been enveloped in mist; called sea fret in these parts. The photograph was taken a couple of days ago in the early evening. It takes some concentration and time to ‘see’ the image, which reveals itself in stages!

It got me thinking about how I observe and see things. Be they physical or spiritual. Much depends on my frame of mind as I observe. Depending on my mood I can look at and see the photograph above in many different ways. When it comes to our inner selves then the process becomes even more layered and perplexing. The phrase, ‘it’s a mystery’, can be a bit of a diversion. Almost an opting out, from something challenging us, or calling us to think or see differently.

Seeing can take us beyond the physical world, into something less tangible, but no less real. Paying attention to what is not physically seen, heard or touched, can take us into the place which we cannot touch, see, hear. Call it the spiritual realm if that’s not too off putting! It is no less real than the physical world and is profoundly integrated into the latter.

Looking and not seeing.

Seeing but not looking..

Mystery and revelation

in simplicity

and honesty.

Not a league table

for spritual giants.

Just the wandering

of a mystified

minnow, swimming

and moving and wanting

to reach

the calm place.

The reflective pool with endless



as a mirror

of endless seeing.

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