What a wonderful word! Mystified,,,mmmmm! You just want to let it bounce around in your thinking space, and let it speak. No answers, plenty of questions, acceptance. Endless reflection.

Perhaps I’ll leave it just there…allowing you to make your own reflection. But you can do that anyway! As you can tell we are still shrouded in mist on the North East coast of Britain! The bird definately looks mystified, perhaps trying to find a landmark in order to find its way home!!!! Who knows?

I’ve spent much of my life totally mystified! Honestly! But this is not necessarily a bad thing. Being mystified has really helped me to seek insight, not necessarily answers. To understand that life is essentially a mystery. As I wrote that last sentence I could hear a voice in my head proclaiming; ‘But I still need answers!’ OK I’m not disagreeing, but let’s just lay aside that need for answers for a moment and consider the power of the question. How we frame any question can influence the type of answer we get ! Many times people have said to me; ‘I don’t believe in God.’ Great, I honour their faith. But I sometimes respond with, ‘But what God don’t you believe in?’ It’s a legitimate question.

There’s a wonderful story of the prophet Elijah in the Old Testament. On the run from circumstances; hiding in a cave, bemoaning his fate, he endures wind, fire and earthquake. Then he hears a still small voice asking him a simple question..’Why are you here, Elijah?’.The voice and presence of God, breaking in to his day Elijah bluntly replies, ‘I’m on the run’…subtext, ‘It’s all too much!’

Mystified, but open to persuasion. We don’t have all the answers, by a long way, so being mystified is OK. It’s just that we need to be ready to hear that still, small voice within all the noise in our heads and hearts.

One thought on “Mystified..

  1. Your becoming more philosophical in your old age OR Ignatius but still in your old age 🐌

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