This bell can be found in the north west corner of the Isle of Arran, in Scotland. Arran is for Helen and I, our favourite place. The juxtaposition of so many elements that just speak to one’s heart and soul.

The bell stands just s few metres away from the corrugated iron chapel, which is lovingly cared for by the church members. The worship space simply and profoundly wraps itself around you and calls for silence and reflection.

The bell that calls the villagers to worhip, stands alone, a short space from the chapel. Elegantly simple it witnesses to faith in the community. A visceral reninder that without faith, or the call of faith, we are missing something vital.

God uses the ordinary to call each of us. The simple tolling of a bell on a Sunday in this community, reminds individuals that there is another dimension to exisitence, for all of us. Whether we regard ourselves as believers or unbelivers; whether we respond to the simple call or voice of calm, there is a call for us to respond to. Literally ‘tailored for us’, by the one who is closer to us than we are to oursleves.

The juxtaposition of the cross above and below the bell, resonates (forgive the pun!) with the reality of God’s love for all….calling constantly, and looking for a response and never gicing up.

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