The place of abundance….

The title for today’s blog is where we left off on Saturday. In fact some words from St Catherine of Sienna, penned in the 14th century; ‘I cannot lose anything in this place of abundance I have found.’ We each of us will react to these words in different ways and perhaps the reaction will change throughout our day, depending on our mood or circumstances.

St Catherine lived through some difficult and disturbing times, but was a tenacious and fiesty woman who had a very quirky take on life! We are living through similar times, when old certainties perhaps don’t work, and we feel a little ‘cast adrift’; hence my use of the photograph of Coquet Island and the rising sun.The beginning of a new day, but with the backdrop of our personal worries and to be frank, fears.

The light and darkness intertwined in the photograph of the porch at Goodmanham Church, from last Friday’s and Saturday’s blog…looking out from darkness into light.

It’s difficuly to feel ‘anchored’ sometimes in times like these. But St Catherine’s words somehow give me a sense of something found, not lost. That seems to me like something I need,…or indeed we need.

To identify St Catherine’s ‘place of abundance’ is impossible, but not necessary anyway! The clear call of these words is to encourage us to find our own ‘abundant place’. This may be your own special physical place, or piece of music, words, art work…the list is endless. But it is/will be unique to you, and may change each day, or each moment! Ultimately it is a moment in which we are captured and held by the love of God, which is visceral and poured out for us; abundantly.

There is something within me that dares not hope that this is true. It was OK for St Catherine and maybe others, but me? The still small voice whispers…’even for you’. No one is excluded or not forgiven; the place of abundance, for all, not just a few.

In these days of uncertainty, the abundant love of God cannot be lost, but it can be missed.

May you have the courage to find your own place of abundance.

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