Guess who?!

Helpfully there is a wooden sign identifying this stall at the Summer Fair at St John’s Alnmouth last year!! For those of you I’ve never met, this is a photograph of yours truly enjoying a relaxing time being pelted with wet sponges!!

How things have changed simce then. In some ways the last few months have perhaps left us battered and bruised. I don’t want to write lots of words this morning, just to offer a prayer, thanking God for our uniqueness.

Still small voice, gentle breeze, noise and clamour,

we dare to offer our ourselves,

into the boundless love of the Creator.

The sustainer of all that is.

Our lives and days and minutes and seconds.

Nothing lost or wasted. Thank you.

For all we are and might be.

Living in the moment of your grace

as you call us to your side.

In the helpless time and the uncertain time,

enliven our spirits and raise our vision

to see the wider canvas;

Father, Son and Holy Spirit, woven into the fabric of our lives.


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