Seeing and believing

Or should the title be, seeing IS believing?! A long and tortuous debate could ensue at this point.

But it’s Monday morning and I don’t feel as though my head is full of profundity! So I’ll just go with what flows, as I usually do!! I had a day’s break from blogging yesterday, mainly just to rest my thinking, but also because we were doing two services of worship in the morning. Life beginning to return back to normal? I’m not certain.

Hence the title for today’s blog and the photograph; an eroded log, probably oak, which produced acorns 10,000 years ago in a forest and land mass which connected Britain to Europe. Seeing and believing; look at the log. It looks like a mythical beast with its prey clamped in its jaw and a rather sinister eye gazing at the onlooker! That’s my interpretation anyawy, but you will have a different interpretation and respone.

Seeing dosen’t always lead us to believing. Different people look at evidence in widely different ways. This for me, is the joy of faith. We each bring something to offer to the whole. Our interpretation and response to the days through which we pass is unique and as valid as anyone elses. This is both the challenge and joy of faith.

The understanding of the other; the give and take of our seeing in relation to others. The acceptance of difference and perspective. I could create a whole story about the mythical monster I see in the photograph, and it would be a valid interpretation, just as yours is.

We each bring our own understanding. That is the richness of human existence. Sometimes the seeing and believing, not the seeing is believing, is more challenging..unless I want to believe the existence of the mythical monster of the shoeline!!!

Seeing and believing tests our faith in the Creator and Sustainer of all that exists. But it’s worth the journey and the road!

Allow yourself to be suprised! (Perhaps the start of the blog for tomorrow?)

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