This photograph of ripening barley was taken last Friday on a walk around Hauxley Nature Reserve. In these differnt days, we had to pre-book a slot of two hours, in order to regulate visitor numbers. It was so good to be back in our favourite place and the field of ripening barley outside the bounds of the reserve was captivating and I have to say humbling. Hence the title of today’s blog.

Seeds, growth, ripening, harvesting, all themes throughout the Bible. Signs that weave the spiritual world with our own lives. If I reflect on my life I see all of these elements I’ve just listed. The sense of growing awareness in ones heart and soul and mind, of something real, but always a bit out of reach, for the moment. The seed growing in the darkness, then the recognisable shoot breaking into vision and reaching for light/illumination/ and growth. The flowering, pollination, seeds developing, leading to new life and possibilities….I could carry on….but I won’t! A mirror of our lives, held up for us to reflect upon for ourselves.

Being at the Reserve after so long was humbling. Helen and I reflected upon the vibrancy of the created world; juxtaposed with all that we are and continue to be travelling through, in our individual journies.

As you read this musing, you will react in your own way, depending on what is happening on your own journey. I pray that you will know that peace which passes all understanding, and be humbled by the richness of not just the natural world, but by the complexity of your own world. A place in which God sows metaphorical seeds, through the breath of the Holy Spirit. Humbling indeed, and exciting!

For me, it is sometimes that niggling thought that won’t go away, or a way of seeing that takes me by suprise. The possibilities are endless and inexhaustible.

Let humility take root,, and hang on for the ride of a lifetime!

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