We are living through a massive period of change, globally, and probably within our own lives, as a consequence of the pandenic.

I took this photograph last evening; the view from the bottom of our garden. The tide was rolling in, relentlessly; imperceptively erodong the dunes and the rocks, and shaping a new landscape, slowly but surely.

Here’s a poem:

The grain of sand witnesses

to eons of shaping and moving

and change, What it was

last week has been imperceptively

changed; but it remains

a grain, held

together, with others.

A beach.

A place of movement

and constant change.

My owm graininess,

humbles me. Being

human brings constant change.

Nothing stops, everything moves.

Hide me by a rock,,,it will become sand.

A beach,

the accumulation of change.

Our hearts and souls,

in constant movement;

searching for

the end point;

the arms of the shaper!

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