Perfect Harmony…

The title sums it up really! Formation paddling by a group of geese, captured at Hauxley Nature Reserve the other day. An imressive display , which made me wonder whether they were practising or taking part in formation manoeveres as part of a routine!

Symmetry, grace, focus, carefully keeping in time with each other. When we hear, see, sense, a moment which is harmonious it can stop us in our tracks. The still point in our own mental machinations, when everything makes sense, or we have moments of undersanding and recognition.

My sense is that we tend to live our lives away from the still point, or the harmonious middle. Perhaps we feel that the idea of perfect harmony is pie in the sky thinking. We’ve never had the experience, therefore it doesn’t exist. I am conscious that I fit right into that thinking most of the time. Too busy doing something else, believing that harmony is ‘for the birds’! There we are; confession time!

But somehow it niggles away in my thought life, why else did I take the photograph and share my thoughts with you today?

I want to let that simple phrase, perfect harmony, burrow away in my thought life. Like an irritating itch. I have to let the Creator teach me the simple steps, without trying to rush to a quick answer or solution, which quickly dissapates. The Holy Spirit is the active ingredient in all this. The impeceptible ‘nudger’. Not blowing us off course, but encouraging us to move with the flow of the Holy Spirit.

Happy sailing!

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