Picture this…

Shades of blue, grey, white reflecting on a relatively calm sea. A moment frozen in time, for you and I to consider. As always, there will be as many inetrpretations as there are individuals looking at the photograph.

It got me thinking about reality, and how each of us perceive it. It’s a philosophical question which has exercised minds for thousnads of years; and there is, in my estimation, no definitive answer. Add to this our own individaul understanding of the world we inhabit, and for some of us, the faith we have in a Creator, it is a rich mix, and for me very exciting.

The richness of the photograph, draws out our thinking. Feelings of hope, uncertainty, longing, peace…the list could go on, endlessly, and change within minutes for each of us.

My initial decision to take the photograph was simply to capture a moment, which resonated in my owm heart and touched my soul. It made me think in all kinds of diverse ways, but now it says…’Peace, be still…..’, The simple words of Jesus when he calmed the storm from a boat, full of his fearful friends.

What ever your own hopes and fears are on this day, as you read this, hear those simple words from the heart of God, to your own heart….. ‘Peace, be still,,,,’What ever is disturbing you, then bring it as an offering to God. Otherwise, as you hold onto it, it will try to dominate your day.

I pray for peace for you today, whatever it is that you might be struggling with. I ask for peace, for you, in your moments and challenges. But also in the quiet contemplation as you, ‘Picture this..’

Blessings and peace and stillness…..

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