On the edge

The pier at Llandudno in North Wales, built near ly 150 years ago; a magnificent testimony to the designers and builders, labourers and crafts people who made such a wonderful contribution to human ingenuity!

A place to walk, to move out from the security of land, and for a moment, being ‘on the edge’. For me it’s a bit of a parallel about faith. There are as many different manifestations of faith as there are people. Faith is a ‘stepping out’, a changing of perception, feeling perhaps, insecure, rather that secure.

The pier becomes a means of seeing things differently, being on the edge of things. But we have to allow ourselves to take those steps and to feel a tad vulnerable. Trust is the word that springs to mind. Trust in the designers, builders, labourers who created this space to walk and see a different perspective. Trust in the Creator on a wider scale, in whose unfathomable love we are held, in our risky path through life.

We are always on the edge, but we can be assured that God holds the edge, the start, the end, and everything, in what is boundless love. Without end or beginning. Always ‘on the edge’. Inviting us to step out and find that ‘underneath are the everlasting arms’. The Creator’s own pier!!!

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