Good morning!

Slightly different view from Thursday’s blog. This is a view from the road which heads up to the summit of the Great Orme. The limestone rocks of the Orme were laid down around 300 million years ago. At the top of the Orme are copper mines which date back 3500 years. The copper ore was exported to continental Europe and provided much of the copper in Britain between 1600 – 1400 BC. Wow!

Things are not always how they seem, is what resounds in my head! That’s what got me hooked on Geology as a small child, and led to me getting my first Degree, in Geology and Mineralogy.

This is a parable of life, for each of us…’things are not always how they seem….’ The world is endlessly suprising. Just when we think we have it all sussed out, it throws us another perspective. We all live with some kind of faith, the diversity of which reflects our won uniqueness. There are as many differnt expressions of faith as there are people!

There is another subtext working here, which is about how we see and interpret the world. Your faith is utterly unique and will never be seen on this earth again. What a thought that is! It has been an immense priviledge to hear individual stories of faith throughout my ministry. There is not one human being who is without faith; in themselves and/ or a divine being.

Faith gives us our own understanding of ourselves, and others. Most of the time it’s difficult enough working it out personally, but other perspectives require us to be good listeners and suspenders of judgement.

One of the privileges of my working week is hearing stories about faith, from ordinary people. You and I. Holding our own unique understanding of the world and stories to help others.

What you see is not always the reality that others see. A bit like the geological record and the story of the rocks! Faith in God is as diverse as the people who have, are and will be on the earth. Your faith and belief is yours, for the good of not just yourself, but others.

You are God’s blessing for the world!

Bless your uniqueness!

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