Seed heads captured a couple of days ago. The massive potential locked away in what appear to be lifeless statues. But each holding the dormant life ready to burst into growth when the pods have burst open and the seeds have fallen into the darkness of the soil. Warmth and water start the process of new life for the next generation.

This got me thinking about the potential we carry around in our hearts and souls every day. We need to allow the living power of God’s Holy Spirit to enter our own hearts, where the seeds of our moments and days are carried.

Here’s a reflection;

Held in our hearts,

is the life of

the Spirit.

The life giving one,

the transformer of

potential into reality.

Spirit talking to spirit

in the depths of our souls.

Allowing mistakes and

lack of vision.

Bearing the barren moments

of uncertainty and fear.

Sprouting in the darkness,

imperceptively moving to the light.

Seeking the living water

that Jesus promised.

Washing into our moments

of hope and fear and longing.

Open arms, open heart….

turned to the light

of the world.

Releasing the potential.

planted in our souls.

2 thoughts on “Potential

  1. Greetings dear one, I like the expanding idea of potential Romans 8 18ff the potential for redemption .. the whole of creation is just longing to be freed from corruption..
    Thanks Barrie


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