When this photograph was taken a couple of evenings ago, my eye was drawn to the heron, standing on a lone rock as the tide ebbed.

I think initially I was taken by the juxtaposition of stillness, water and seaweed covered rocks. Now, a couple of days later, I’m seeing something deeper. The reflection of the lone heron on the water, creates a very crude cross shape. The interplay of light, shadow, setting sun, reflective surface is a masterclass of nature!!

What was hidden was the cross. That was not in my mind as I took the shot. But here it is; real and challenging. Those words of the Apostle John in his gospel, bear hearing again; ...’For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son…..’ The enormity of the Creator’s love for all of creation, including every single human being!

The cross shape we see above, is a sign of that inclusive love. Little did the heron realise what would unfold from his sojourn on the rock on the ebb tide! This is true for every moment of every day. Think about what that means for you, and for everyone you come into contact with today. Every moment is full of hidden potential, but often we miss it. Too busy, more pressing challenges. Leave it until later…excuses…and I’m talking to myself!!

So take a moment today to see the heron, and let the unexpected cross, the sign of God’s love, break into your consciousness.

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