The world is full of contrasts. The photograph above proclaims it loudly!! The range of colour is very energising …a paean of praise!

The world we inhabit internally, is full of contrasts; senses, feelings, thoughts which change throughout our day. As you read this, your mood will dictate how you interpret the picture. It is a dull, wet day as I look out of my study window. Grey clouds race like charioteers across the sky, as they appear to run to brighter climes! Contrast this with the scene above. A captured moment of tranquility and hope.

A Prayer;

Creator of all,

You embrace each moment of light and darkness.

We come to the holder of contrasts,

offering ourselves, as we are.

Uncertain, bold, fearful, enlightened,

fearful, happy…the list is endless.

Thank you that you embrace us entirely,

in our wanderings.

We don’t always know how to handle

uncertain times, but we are thankful

that you cultivate the garden of our contrasts,

You feed us with the strength of your Spirit.

We offer you our emptiness as a contrast to your



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