A selection of kneelers from St Michael’s Church, Howick. An amazing project which produced 86 kneelers, created by stitchers both near and far! The original subjects painted by artists both near and far! All subjects had some connection to Howick and were sponsored by individuals.

Helen, my wife, lived and breathed the project for nearly 3 years, as I did, by default! The result is wonderful to behold. There were times when the vision was the only thing that kept everyone going. Seeing beyond the challenges of the moment which sometimes required faith in bucket loads! A livng parable of life on all kinds of levels.

We all have some kind of vision to keep us going. Without this inner driver we can feel rudderless, lost in a sea which carries us hither and thither. Sometimes that’s OK, because out of the wandering we begin to find direction. Sometimes it can be disabling and we can feel lost. But we are not forgotten

Faith drove the kneeler project, and faith drives our inner journies, every moment of very day. I simply want to ask the question; ‘What is your vision today?’ Is it something too high and lofty and potentially unobtainable? Does it need to be reconsidered; broken down into steps and mangable moments?

Sometimes the vision is the step we take into the unknown, but with the assurance that the Spirit of God waits to be invited to be part of our journey.

4 thoughts on “Vision

  1. Thank you, Barrie, for your words on vision – full of hope and encouragement.
    Congratulations to Helen and friends for the beautiful kneelers. Even such small pictures
    look amazing.
    Love and God Bless,


  2. Kneelers are amazing!! And great message on faith and vision – a good reminder that God is with us each step of the way.


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