All I can say is, ‘Well done Henry Tudor!’ This plaque was attached to the outside of a house in Tenby, South Wales.

It made me laugh at the time, and still raises a smile now. I love the phrase, ‘It is said that’. Well it covers all the bases! Who knows the truth? Is it all relative…does it matter? The fact that the escape was made through a handily constructed tunnel tests one’s credulity even more. But there is the nagging doubt that it is true, and Tenby had its day with the escaping future king . How to decide?!

There’s a glorious moment when Jesus stood before Pilate (the Roman Governor) for judgement. At one point Jesus makes this statement; ‘Everyone who belongs to the truth listens to my voice..’ and quick as a flash, Pilate says.’ What is truth?’ There have been times over the past few months were I have asked the same question!

But the key point for me is the ‘listening’…to the one who once claimed the he was, ‘The way, the truth and the life’. Sometimes this listening is counter intuitive; the evidence may produce doubt rather than faith. But dare I listen? Still the clamour in my head. Whispers carried on the wind perhaps. An unexpected insight….even the most unlikely suggestion; think Henry Tudor in desparate straits, and the escspe tunnel!!!

God is the endless supriser….it’s the truth!

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