I spend my days wondering and also wandering,,,,in my thought life. I’ve used the title, ‘Wonder’ for today’s blog, because ir descibes the berry you see in the photograph above. It is a ‘wonder food’, full of vitamins, minerals, and it is also low fat! The photograoh was taken in late summer last year.

Sea Buckthorn is the plant, and it seems to have been recognised as a super food from the early days of the settlers who moved across to Britain from the comtinent, when the North Sea was dry land. I often wonder whether these plants that thrive now, can trace their ancestry back to these times 10.000 years ago. I’m sure they can. What a connection!

The weaving of ideas and thoughts and musings that we all engage in throughout our days; the ability to try and make sense of things. It is both the blessing and the challenge of being human! As I write these words the rain hammers down outside and I am about to head off for my first hair cut in 4 months! I’m wondering about what I’ll look like after the cut!

All this got me thinking about how much time I spend wondering throughout the day! A lot, if I’m perfectly honest! Sometimes it’s ‘worry wondering’, about events, the past, present and future. Quite often it can be wasted time, and I get caught in a ‘loop’ of my own making. Similar thoughts that come back day by day.

But if I ‘plug into’ a bout of positive wondering, then I can take myself into places of encouragement and some energising moments . I offer no simple formula but as I reflect on the Sea Buckthorn berries above my mind allows itself to wander into all kinds of ‘byways’. The vibrant colour of the berries, painted by a creative hand. The praise they offer back to the Creator. The offering of vitamins to other created beings.

I offer you ‘the wonder berries’.

Enjoy where your thinking takes you!

Blessings and peace….

2 thoughts on “Wonder

  1. What a lovely idea! my mind is very good at taking me down all sorts of highways and byways and blind alleys. i will enjoy some wandering and wondering with those beautiful sea buckthorn berries. i once had a sea buckthorn hand cream and it smelled wonderful. just thinking about the colour, vibrancy, sunshine, feet treading berries…oh i’m away! thank you Barrie
    Annabel (Susanna’s daughter!)


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