100 and Counting…

When I set off on the blogging journey a few months ago, I could never have believed that I would reach the milestone of 100, which occured yesterday. I am grateful for the encouragement of others; thank you for support and kindness.

I live in a rich landscape which is an immense priviledge that I never take for granted. This photograph was taken a couple of evenings ago as the sun was setting in the western sky. Truly the power of the natural world to suprise and challenge.

I am always astonished when I start writing each day as thoughts pop into my mind and some kind of mental journey ensues. It means a lot when others are able to engage with my journey and embark on their own.

We live in times that are uncertain and challenging. There are mo easy answers, nor should there be. Just endless questions, most days. But the world turns on its axis and night follows day, and we react and interpret in our own unique way. If I can help you in your own thinking that would be ‘job done’ for me’!

I have no idea how the next 100 blogs will unfold, or what I shall muse upon. But the richness of the landscape and other inputs, will keep the thought processes ticking over.

Nothing profound for this moment. Just immense thankfulness for the moments and thoughts I have shared with you and you with me.

Bless you.

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