What is reality? It is a question that has exercised philosophers for millenia.

When I was Chaplain at Durham School I, we introduced Philosophy A level into the curriculum. I had no background in the subject but was asked to deliver it to a small group of 6th formers. I loved it! It made me think in very different ways; particularly when trying to stay ahead of a group of Sixth Formers!!!

The question of ‘What is reality’?, is a profound one. We would all have an answer, which would be as valid as anyone elses. Questions about God open up even further questions about reality.

The photograph above was taken outside Howick Church a couple of years ago. The shadows of the trees in the graveyard are reflected onto the west end of the church. Some might say that the church is the reality, and the shadows are the projection of another reality, which is hidden. Is it real or imaginary. Further, the photograph is its own reality which is different from the actual reality of the physical church. Then there is our own perception; how would we see, or interpret the reality if we were there, physically. The questions could go on and on. I love it!

But when it comes to faith, how can we describe something or understand what we can’t see. The loving God of the universe. We have scripture, which is interpretation, and experience, which is unique to us.

I want to leave it all hanging in the air, because there is no answer, just endless questions and faith, hope and love. Hear these words of the Apostle Paul from ! Corinthians 13, verse 13: ‘Now these three remain, faith, hope and love, but the greatest of these is love’. Reality? What a starting point!

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