Spring seems so far away now. Much has happened which we could never have predicted. We still find our ourselves passing through uncertain times, but still the planet spins and day follows night.

Remebering is a curious thing because I am guessing that it is different for each of us. How and what we remember changes over time and within our days. Memory is a fickle master as we age!

The photograph of the narcissi reminds me of a different time just before the pandemic arrived. It offers the hopefulness of spring, and new life. In these days through which we live, our hopefulness might fluctuate somewhat. I look at the photograph and notice the narcissi which have not yet passed into full bloom. The promise of a beautiful flower is there, hovering in the background. The word that springs to mind is potential.

I have a hunch that memory and remembering might be a key to unlock what is waitng to be revealed. A prompt from the Holy Spirit; the creative breath of God. Something imperceptible just out of view. The memory that you just can’t quite call to mind, but which might be the key to something new, no matter how old we are.

Take a moment to observe and ponder the photograph, and if you have time, write down your impressions or memory of how it made you feel.

May your remembering be your guide.

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