This is a rather fortuitous photogrpah! It was taken a few years ago, along the beach from where we live and shows the massive erosion of the dunes. It was only as I moved it to the blog that I noticed the way the slumped part of the cliff was illuminated by the sun. The crowning glory are the blue flowers, which I can’t identify, standing proud on the top! Within days it would have been eroded away.

It speaks of changes and I think it’s time for a poem..

Eroded, changed, rearranged,

the story of a dune.

Allowing movement, unable to


The inevitable tide and

the march of the waves.

Random but with purpose.

The story of creation.

My life, your life.

The imperceptible guide,

Small voice in crashing waters.

Whispering, straining patience.

Why not a big loud roar,

instead of the still small voice!?

Of calm,

and impercertible change….

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