I was going to straighten this image, but then a thought popped into my head….leave it! I’m not certain of the name of this three masted beauty, but it arrived a few years ago for an overnight stay.

It looks like it is having an uphill battle against the sloping sea, and with no sails unfurled it is unlikely to make any progress! A quirky photograph methinks!

But it kind of spoke to me about how life can be somethimes. Nothing seems right, even small challenges become an uphill struggle. At times like these we need to have a change of perspective, even if it is imperceptible. We need to readjust our view of how things are.

I’m conscious that it would be easy to do this with the photograph, by using a straightening tool on whatever photo software I was using. But here it is, without the magic software. I have to accept it as it is for the moment. It might be driving you and I mad at this moment, but perhaps we just have to live with it. Uphill comes before the down hill, sometimes; or the point at which everything gets balanced.

I have immense faith, from personal experience, that the uphills of life are a sequel to a new horizon or perspective. No matter how difficult it seems at the moment of challenge. Walking uphill is hard work, but the view at the top can make us draw breath and see a new horizon, previously hidden from view.

Whatever is your challenge today, think of the quirky ship on a hill, and the fact that in a moment, with faith and hope and trust, everything can change; even the uphill battle.

The Lord bless you and keep you in the uphill and beyond!

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