Tall, ramrod straight conifers…but what’s this? An imposter; cut down, but left as a stump. Why? Perhaps because of its unique shape. What caused this tortuous growth is lost in time. But, I was immediately drawn to it. Perhaps because I don’t like uniformity or even comformity!

Uniqueness in a very special thing and we have little choice over the genetics of that uniqueness. It is hard wired into the creation by the one who creates. Even this stump has a unique genetic code! So have a day today, in which you celebrate your uniqueness. I have to say, as I write this, I don’t think I’ve ever done this!

As I write, I’m speaking primarily to myself, and what comes out of my head is a complete suprise and revelation to me! I’m learning as I ruminate, each day. So I am simply offering what buzzes around my consciousness. Thank you once again for your encouragement.

A prayer;

Lord of difference and surprise,

speak gently into my consciousness.

Thank you not just for my uniqueness,

but for the diversity of all creation.

Open my eyes, both inner and outer,

to see and celebrate the massive diversity

all around. Help me to hear and sense the vibrancy

of the ongoing creation and evolution of life.

Thank you for this moment, as I celebrate

uniqueness, around and within.


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