This pattern in the sand was photographed a couple of days ago. It caught my eye because of the seeming randomness and attractiveness of the pattern created by the movement of the tide.

We live in a universe of seeming randomness and pattern. It strikes me that the more we know about the universe, the more perplexing it becomes. The ability of human scientific endaevour to push our boundaries of understanding is a thing to behold and a sign of the inquisitiveness we all have and share.

The reality of this pattern will now have been erased with the movement of the incoming tide and a new pattern created. A little like the movement of our lives; moments, days and lifetime.

The gospel reading yesterday, was from Matthew’s gospel and the story of Jesus walking on water. The powerful thing for me in this story is the way in which Jesus, ‘broke the pattern’ and created a new one. The disciples were in danger of capsising in the storm and suddenly they saw Jesus walking towards them, and not sinking!! This created a new pattern of thinking for them, but they couldn’t process it and defaulted to fear and panic. Jesus simplly asked Peter to step out. Which he did, walking on water himself. But then it all came to a crashing stop when he realised what was happening ….and began to sink! He achieved more than I would have done!!!

Jesus simply reached out his hand to the sinking apostle and moved him into the boat. Everything then formed a pattern of clam and the wind ceased. Peter trusted in the middle of chaos.

What is your storm? The moments of uncertianty? You can focus on the chaos, or simply trust the one who holds the pattern of reality even in the challenging moments. We are invited to trust in the one who reaches out a hand and asks us ….’why do you doubt? Embrace the pattern of the moment.

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