One person and their boat…drifting; moved by wind and tides and skill and the interplay of a multitude of things. In these days in which we live, move and have our being, metaphorically a bit of drifting is OK.

The sailor is using the imterplay of many things to steer a couse and there’s always an element of randomness, which can change the route, and the direction of travel, The movement from A-B might not be completely straight, and that is fine. Drifting and accepting randomness is part of life and a daily challenge, perhaps.

Ours day may be a mix of drifting and purpose and target, but those times of allowing the drifting can change our perspective, which is never a bad thing. Life is a complex interplay of emotions and feelings and senses and our thinking space can become crowded.

All I can offer today is the photograph and the title, with a few simple musings. Nothing profound, just the sense that God is with each of us in our drifting, and that is reassuring. The control of the tiller is ours, and whatever choices we make will never take us beyond the divine love.

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