On Track..

Disused railway near Barnard Castle. Now a wonderful walk with th crossing of a viaduct. Light and darkness. Straight path. Change of use. Memories. Longing for simple times. Dreaming and walking and thinking.

Take yourself along the less than winding road; a picture and perhaps parable of life at times. Clarity and purpose; seeing into the distance and folllowing the well trodden route. Veering off and taking a chance then haeding for the safety of the old trackbed.

I don’t think I’ve ever followed a linear, well trodden path. I’ve followed my own track quite often, taking a risk, hearing a guiding, but gentle and mostly impercetible voice. Knowing the profound truth of the still small voice. God’s spirit connecting with my spirit and yours. Nothing lost or wasted. The old railway track still carries passengers, but in a reimagined way and at a slower pace.

There are seasons in life that we all must pass through and learn from. Even if at the time we feel like wanderers, drifting rather than ‘on track’. Each moment if life offers new opportunities and challenges.

I pray for God’s blessing on your journey and even when the path is covered, that you will know that God’s Spirit wanders with you.

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